Welcome to CС Store CvvUnion

Since 2016
Registration in CVVUNION store was closed for 2 years.

  • Ticket max response time — 72h;
  • We do not guarantee balance on cc, AVS, only valid.
  • We do not give 100% guarantee for card holder info: address, city, state, zip, phone and etc…
  • All cards are going from sniffers "as is".
  • If you buy cc and cc is not valid with our checker – you don’t pay;
  • If card have "valid" or "time off" status – there is no money-back;
  • Charge for 1 check cc: dead — free, valid — 0.5$
  • If checker shows "Valid" it means checker blocked amount on cc (1-10$), this amount will not be refunded!
  • CC checking is available in 10 minutes. If you don’t check card in 0-10 minutes, it gets status "time off".
  • There is no money back from this status.
  • We have the right to setup or change check time for different bases.
  • We don’t accept claims about checker as it’s not our service;
  • We can block your account forever for offending, inadequate behavior of attempts of service work violation;
  • Upon here by registering You automatically agree with the rules stated above and You are introduced with it.
  • We do not return money from your balance!

The Rules may be changed anytime without notification of members.
With all questions send ticket to support.
Follow the news. Good luck!

PS: We can buy your CCs / Very good terms of sales. PM for contact


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