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Bonjour, Dexters!

Do You Like To Be Made A Fool When You See “DECLINE” Frame Buying To The Amount Of 50$?
Hasn’t It Bothered You To see Credit Cards With Great Amount Of Invalid & Sold Out To Twenty Persons?
Become Our Customer And Forget These Foolish Problems!!!

We’re Glad To Offer You The Best Credit Cards Outlet Service
Our Credit Cards Established A Reputation As High-Qualified And We’re Following The Admissible Pricing Policy

For Whom Our Service Is Dedicated For?

Our Service Is Dedicated For Professional & Long-Time In Game Carders Who Have Their Own, Checked By Time, Bins.
This Is Not A Secret That Sometimes It’s Really Impossible To Get Rare Bins Even If You Have Fifty Seller Contacts In Your ICQ.
With Our Help You can Always Have The Stuff To Work With.

Prices For The Popular Bins Are Different From the Prices In List Below.
After Update All Popular Bins Are Going To Double Price. & Rest Fresh Update Double Price For 1st 48 Hours.
We Belive On Quality Not Quantity, So We Don’t Compromise On Quality, Thats Why Quality Is Expensive .

Available Now For Sale !! :

USA Cvv [ Bulk Order Available Too ] Valid(90 – 95%)
– Visa/MC = 4$
– Amex/Disc = 4$
World Cvv [ Bulk Order Available Too ] Valid(80% – 90%)

By Bin/City/State/Bank = 1$+
Prices Can Change Depend On Valid Rate And Base Quality

-: Format :-

Card Number:
Name On Card:

-:Our Benefits:-

• Excellent Reputation ;
• We Work In This Market For A Long Time ;
• Sale From A Living Support, Working 12 Hours A Day ;
• We Are Not Lavish On Wage For Support To Provide You Maximum Comfort & Safety ;
• We Treat With Respect To Each Client, So There Is NO Minimum Order For CC, Buy At Least One ;
• We’re Not Resellers Of Somebody else’s Credit Cards ; That’s Why All Articles Sold To You Will Stay Only With You ;
• We’re Sure In Quality Of Our Articles And You’ll Become An Owner Of Really Effective Stuff ;
• Positioning at the US’s Credit Cards, But Asian, European and Oceania Credit Cards Are Also Existed;
• Discounts For Returning customers.

-:Service Rules:-

• You Pay Upfront Always. No Delivery Until Payment Is Completed ;
• We Don’t Know Which CCS Will Be Good Or Bad For Your Purpose ;
• A Good Or Bad cc Depends On The Site Security, Your IP, The Money Inside CC, The Daily Spend Limit Of CC ;
• We Have No Guarantee About Limit, We Are Not Selling Money,We Are Only Responsible For VALID ;
• We’re not checking Credit Cards Before A Deal ;
• We use 3rd party Paid checker for checking cc If Client ASK ;
• Invalid Replacement In "3 To 10 Mins" Time ; {Depended Of Quantity }
• Replace Will Be Given Checked Only If Customer Will Complaint On A High Decline Rate Bcoz We Will Suspect Him in Cheating & Begging for free CCs ;
• We Are Knowing Valid Rate Of Our Base Which Is Always Perfect; High Decline Rate Is 30% Or More.
• Prices Are High For Super Stuff Bcoz Quality Is Not Expencive ;
• Money-Back – Is Not Performed, The Replacement With Material Only ;
• We Have The Right To Refuse service Without Explanation ;
• Please Use This Thread Only For Testimonials. Any Questions Or Suggestions You May Have – ONLY In ICQ ;
• We Work Only From "ICQ : 10133" & [email protected] ( Jabber ) Other Numbers Doesn’t Belong To US ;
• Buying A Card from US, You Automatically Agree To The Above Mentioned Rules ;
• Terms and Conditions Are Negotiated Privately In ICQ & Depends On Each Case ;
• IF We Done Our Business There Isn’t A Reason To Chat Afterwards….!!!

• No More Replaces For DECLINE [05] Citibank Ccs
• No More Replaces For Other Checker Users.
• We Use ONLY Trytocheck Paid Services.!!

-: Payment Methods :-

ESCrow Accepted For Bulk
Small Orders At Jabber/ICQ
No Shop Under Our Nick Right NOW

-: Contacts :-

ICQ # 10133
Jabber # [email protected]
Msg Me Your Nick + Forum Name Before Add

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