High-Quality ID/DL/PASSPORT – Cервис документов

High-Quality ID/DL/PASSPORT – Cервис документов

French ID – 1400€
Portugal ID – 750€
Ireland ID – 800€
Bulgaria ID – 650€
Romania ID – 650€

Latvia ID – 650€
Latvia DL – 650€
Estonia ID – 700€
Estonia DL -700€
Nederlands ID – 750€
Nederlands DL – 750€
Belgium ID – 750€
Belgium DL – 750€
Switzerland ID – 800€
Switzerland DL – 800€
Lithuania ID – 450€
Lithuania DL – 450€

Lithuania Passport – 1300€
Denmark Passport – 1800€

Portugal – Resident Card -Titulo de Residencia – 700€

Disability Parking Certificate clone info in the data base – 800€
Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Holland, UK

Disability pass clone info in the data base – Latvia, UK – 800€
Press card- Latvia
Boat licences: Latvia, Switzerland, Spain – 650€

Before production we will send you the design. Please check all the data VERY CAREFULLY to avoid mistakes. It is VERY IMPORTANT! We offer NO REFUNDS after confirmation.

Мы используем оригинальный OVI (Optical Variable Paint), который меняет цвета под разными углами. Большинство фальшивомонетчиков вообще не используют OVI из-за очень высокой цены. Другие фальшивомонетчиков используют имитацию краски, которая вообще не меняет цвета.

УФ-КРАСКА. (Ультрафиолетовая краска)
Эта краска видна только под УФ (или черным светом). Мы используем высококачественную краску желтого, синего, красного и оранжевого цветов (самая дорогая, используется в паспорте США). Большинство других пользуются только 1 желтoй или синей краской. Мы используем 2 или 3 разныx слоev (при необходимости, как оригинал)

используем 3 разных лазерных гравера.
CO2-лазер 800 Вт для очень быстрой и сверхточной гравировки. Эта машина работает на магнитных перилах, которые обеспечивают повторяемую точность 0,001 мм (в 95% других используются ременные передачи, точность которых составляет всего 0,5 / 1 мм). В основном используется для перфорация теневых фотографий (при просмотре через источник света) Наиболее популярны болгарские и голландские удостоверения личности.
Лазерный гравер GALVO UV LASER 20W, который используется в основном для гравировки металла.

We are using 2016 8 color Heidelberg Perfector press for best quality.
WIth very fast speed and automatic adjustments it gives unbeatable quality
With UV dryer and plate setter resolution of 9600 x 9600 DPI.
For some jobs we also using 8 color INDIGO digital press 2018 with resolution
2400 x 2400 DPI. Compare to 300 x 300 DPI used by almost all competitors who
are using cheap sublimation printers like FARGO, ZEBRA etc

CHIPS (microprocessors)
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! About 9 of 10 counterfeiters are using standard chip cards with only one or 2 different chip types available on the market. Usually these are SLE 4432 and SLE 5528 which are NEVER USED by ID card manufacturers. Most counterfeiters simply can’t afford to order original chips due to very high price. The MOQ is usually 10.000pcs at a price reaching 1.26USD per chip. We heavily invested in this matter and using original Chips directly from the factory in Taipei and Shenzhen. We have 14 different types for all major European ID and bank cards. We do not resell chips.

We only use the best quality UV neutral PC from Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
This very same PC is used for original ID cards.
We use PVC (polyvinylchloride) for Bank and credit cards (as the original)

We are using Heidelberg 3.5 ton A3 press with 1 mm steel and titanium plates for best results.

We use USA made fully automatic 4 blades dye cutting machine.
with Japan made super steel knives.

We are using Japanese UV printer for bar codes and QR codes as in French Driving Card. It gives absolutely genuine embossed effect as in original.

We are using original quality 3-5 dimentional holograms. The same used in original ID cards and driver licenses. You will see no difference.

We use original OVI (Optical Variable Paint) which change colors at different angle. Most of the counterfeiters use no OVI at all due to very high price.Other counterfeiters are using simulated paint (if any) which is not changing colors at all.

(Ultra Violet paint) This paint is only visible under UV (or black lights) We use high quality paint in Yellow, Blue, Red and Orange (most expensive one, used in US Passport ID card) Most other counterfeiters are using only 1 yellow or blue paint. We are using 2 or 3
different layes (when needed, as the original)

We are using 3 different laser engravers.
CO2 laser 600w for very fast and super accurate engravings.
This machines is working on magnetic railings which gives 0.001mm of repeated accuracy (95% others are using belt gears, which are only 0.5/1mm accurate)
Mostly used for
perforation of shadow photos (viewed by looking at he light source)
Most popular is Bulgarian and Dutch ID cards.
GALVO UV laser engraver 20W which is used mostly for metal engraving.
Only the best galvo heads from Switzerland and Germany.

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